Kate Middleton and William accompany children to school

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Kate Middleton and Prince William dropped their three children off at Lambrook School in Windsor on Wednesday. Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, will be receiving an education that is likely approved by their aunt and uncle, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Why is this?

There are many activities for the Cambridge children to choose from at Lambrook and two, in particular, stand out, as they’re hobbies loved by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Lambrook school offers an impressive array of co-curricular hobbies, including podcast-making and polo. These are two areas in which Meghan and Harry excel.

Prince Harry is not the only royal to enjoy polo, as the Duke of Cambridge is keen on the sport too.

However, the Duke of Sussex now plays at a professional level in California.

In addition, Meghan has made a career out of podcasting, with a new episode of her Spotify podcast Archetypes dropping each week.

It has landed at number one on the podcast charts each time.

Meghan and Harry can therefore offer advice to their niece and nephews should they need it.

Lambrook School encourages pupils to choose something that interests them without adult guidance, so it will be intriguing to see where their paths take them.

The students are invited to try a new enrichment activity each half term, so if they don’t like podcasting or polo, there are countless other options.

George, Charlotte and Louis’ school fees will set William and Kate back £55,000 a year, according to the BBC.

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Many of its leavers also head off to prestigious secondary schools, including Eton.

Prince George may have to attend classes every Saturday too, followed by an afternoon of sports fixtures for pupils in year five and above.

It will also be compulsory for the eldest Cambridge child to study Latin.

Both George and Charlotte will have lessons in English, Maths, Science, Greek, History, Geography, ICT, Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Music, Religious Studies, and Physical Education. Swimming and Games also form part of the curriculum.

A source told The Telegraph: “Even the most local parents like the idea of their smalls being able to stay over for a night when necessary – it means they can throw dinner parties and have hangovers without having to get the kids to school the next day.”

According to the school’s own website, Lambrook School is a “thriving independent school” which is home to 620 boys and girls.

Rated as excellent by Ofsted, the private school is for boys and girls between the ages of three and 13.

The description continues: “The Lambrook experience combines first-class teaching and superb facilities with traditional values, set in the idyllic surroundings of 52 acres of beautiful Berkshire countryside.”

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