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The Oral-B Pro 3 – 3000 is an electric toothbrush with three cleaning modes, daily clean, sensitive, and whitening, and a pressure sensor that helps you remove up to 100 percent more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Usually retailing for £89.99, you can currently buy the Oral-B Pro 3 – 3000 for just £39.99 – that’s a discount of £50 that saves you 56 percent.

Buy: Amazon (£39.99)

The toothbrush has a built-in timer that reviewers said “is great to make sure you are brushing for long enough” because it lets you know when you’ve been brushing for two minutes.

The relatively low price point of this electric toothbrush when compared to other models might be putting you off, but one reviewer said: “This brush might not have some of the more advanced features of the more expensive Oral B and Philips ranges, but in my opinion, it’s got all the essential features that you need above and beyond the basics of an electric brush”.

Another reviewer who is a long time user of Oral-B said “I have been using Oral-B brushes for some years now.This one is the best so far.

“It has a harder, faster-brushing action but it also has two other speeds”.

Buy: Amazon (£39.99)

A common annoyance with electric toothbrushes is their often subpar battery life that needs to be charged every two or three days to work to its highest capabilities.

The Oral-B Pro 3 – 3000 has a high power Lithium-ION battery that lasts for more than two weeks with one charge, which is in line with some of the more expensive models on the market.

The rounded head of this toothbrush has been designed to surround each tooth for cleaner teeth and far healthier gums.

It also ensures the brush has 360-degree pressure control and will signal you if you’re brushing too hard.

If you want to pick up an Oral-B Pro 3 – 3000 for yourself while it’s still on sale, you can buy one on Amazon here.

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