I wasn’t at all surprised in discovering that Black entrepreneurs own and operate so many awesome bakeries across the country.  Yes, there is an incredible sweet potato pie baker in Patterson, New Jersey, and there’s a James Beard Award nominee in Dallas, with delicious blondie Christmas Trees, just in time for the holidays and there’s a talented mother-daughter team, hailing from Trinidad and based in Prince George’s County, Maryland that produces the most scrumptious, rum-soaked Black Cake, also just in time for the holidays.  I so appreciated the diversity of backgrounds and specialties that I uncovered down this sweet bakery rabbit hole. These three are just a taste of the glorious bunch below.

As for the wine makers, I didn’t have a clue that this group was as vast and diverse as the bakers. I’d heard about the McBride Sisters, but I didn’t know about the Nichols twins and The Guilty Grape. I also discovered some serious vino award winners, like the sommelier-owned Maison Noir Wines and Theopolis Vineyards, owned and operated by a dynamic Texas and California trial lawyer. Then I discovered some award-winning South African vineyards, owned by Black South Africans. That led me to then look for Black-owned wine shops, stateside, that carry these international delights.

There’s so much out there. More than I could fit in this piece, but not to worry, there will always be more Black excellence to come.  Now, get into this sugar and wine, and everything will be just fine.

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