How wildlife goes nuts for acorn art: Grandfather, 60, delights passers-by with oak nut models in unlikely locations

Should you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise — especially if you are hunting for an acorn.

And you’ll certainly do a double take if you find this collection of little characters weightlifting, skiing, fishing and even wing walking.

Grandad Gez Robinson has given the acorns an unexpected lease of life by setting up elaborate scenes in locations around Yorkshire and the Peak District. 

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Mr Robinson, 60, who lives with wife Amanda, 56, in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, says: ‘People who walk past always stop in surprise. They can’t believe it when they see what the acorns are doing. They think they are amazing.’

He began creating the acorn adventures two years ago for his grandchildren Noah, nine, and Minnie, seven. He adds: ‘I thought it would really amuse them if I made little acorn people and got them doing things like running and fishing.

‘They absolutely loved it and kept begging me to do more. All it takes is a bit of wood, glue and lots of imagination. Noah has even started helping me now.’

Gez takes about half an hour to make the acorn characters. He says: ‘Quite a few times I’ve set up the scene and then a bird flies down and sits by the acorn person and gets in on the picture.

‘Once, I had set up a scene with a couple of acorn figures riding a bike, and a mouse suddenly appeared at the back of the bike and looked as if it was pushing it along. It really made me smile.’  

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