Guzzling fizzy drinks and cakes increases risk of painful health condition by 39%, study finds | The Sun

GUZZLING fizzy drinks, biscuits and cakes raises the risk of kidney stones, a study shows.

Processed foods which are loaded with added sugar were consistently shown to be linked to developing the painful condition.

Those whose intake of added sugars was among the 25 per cent highest had a 39 per cent greater chance of getting kidney stones.

And those who derived more than a quarter of their energy from sugars were found to be at nearly double the risk.

Adults should not eat more than 30g of sugar each day, the NHS says.

That is about equal to a single Mars bar or can of Coca Cola.


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Kidney stones are hard lumps of minerals and salt that lodge in the urinary system — and are said to affect more than one in ten people.

They are wildly painful and, in the worst cases, can lead to life-threatening kidney problems.

The link to sugary food was established for the first time by researchers from the North Sichuan Medical College in China.

Theyanalysed health data and the diets of 28,000 Americans.

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But they said further study was needed to figure out why sugars caused the stones and how much sugar was a safe level.

Obesity, dehydration, and diabetes are all known to raise the risk of kidney stones.

The researchers say sugar intake should be added to the danger list.

Eating too much sweet food makes it more likely you will become obese or type 2 diabetic, which could raise the chances of kidney stones in turn.

Scientists have found in the past that scoffing sugar raises the level of calcium in the pee and also reduces how much urine is made.

This means the hard mineral – a key component of painful stones – builds up in higher concentrations in the organs.

NHS guidelines say one of the best ways to prevent kidney stones is drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and aim to dilute your pee so it looks clear or light-coloured each day.

Avoiding fizzy drinks and salty foods can also help, along with adding fresh lemon juice to your drinking water.

Men are more likely than women to get kidney stones.

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Eating too little fibre, not exercising, genetics and having a history of urinary infections can also affect your chances.

Stones are usually peed out naturally but they may be broken down or removed with shockwaves or surgery if they are large.

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