A HEALTHY low-calorie bar is threatening to spell the end of the traditional Mars after 85 years.

Goodness Knows launches in the UK this year and is sweet giant Mars’ biggest release for two decades.

Each 90p bar contains real fruit, nuts, oats — and just 19 per cent (dark) chocolate.

Its 160 calories are 100 less than the classic Mars bar — a favourite with Brits since 1932.

A Mars also has six grams of sugar in its milk chocolate. Goodness Knows has already become the third-biggest selling bar within six months of its launch in the US. Mars bars have fallen to tenth.

Retail expert Clare Bailey said: “Mars has seen the way the tide is turning. In time this new bar could replace the Mars.

“Sugar is on people’s minds as they try to improve their health. For a big company to bring in a new product recognises that.

“I predict an evolution from the Mars bar to many more healthy alternatives.” Goodness Knows will come in three flavours — Cranberry & Almond, Blueberry & Almond and Apple, Peanut & Almond.

Mars has pumped £4.6million into its launch.

Around 80,000 bars will come off production lines in Slough, Berks, each hour – as many as the classic Mars bars. Mars’ last biggest launch was Celebrations in 1997.

The firm plans to give ten per cent of profits from Goodness Knows to UK causes.

Mars UK’s Michele Oliver said: “It’s a great-tasting treat and will help consumers to spread a little bit of goodness in their communities.”


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