Ho oh no! Home cooks share their Christmas Day cooking disasters – from a sauerkraut snowman to BROCCOLI cookies

  • People have been sharing their Christmas Day cooking disasters on Reddit
  • One person decided to make a banana, jello and mayonnaise salad from 1958
  • Whilst another re-created the Nativity scene out of hash browns and bacon 

Christmas is a time for indulgence and over the top extravagance, whether that be chocolate or potatoes. 

But it’s a sad truth that not everyone is a culinary expert and sometimes the best thought out plans fall short. 

People from across the UK and US have taken to Reddit to share their Christmas Day cooking disasters, from melting snowmen to a questionable sausage nativity scenes. 

FEMAIL has rounded up some of the most disgusting offerings such as a broccoli Christmas tree limp biscuit.  

A wet lettuce! Native to Mexico, the shrimp tree has been naturalized in the State of Florida. This one looks a little limp though and some of the fish have fallen off

The diet starts today! In Connecticut this mother’s 11-year-old has got creative with their cookie decorations, even including broccoli to get the perfect Christmas tree  

Dripping in….! This unclassified Christmas meat has not had a very merry Christmas and we doubt those eating will either 

Tear ‘n’ scare! This mother’s Santa bread took a miserable turn and if you look closely you can see a crispy burnt tear 

A good grilling! Elsewhere, someone is butchering both Christmas and burgers as they deconstruct the diner classic into a twig like tree


Time for a takeaway! Amateur chefs reveal their disastrous cooking fails – including a plastic chopping board melted on a hob and a pizza that’s lost its toppings 

DisasterChef! Wannabe chefs share atrocious pictures of their worst cooking disasters, from charred chicken to unsettling poached eggs 

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