Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for December 18

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Distractions prevent you from sticking with your original intentions. Don’t allow a panicky relative to push you into paying them a visit you would rather not make. If you do end up putting your own work to one side to help others out you will only end up having to play catch-up this Christmas.


You will prefer to go shopping on your own. Whether it is Christmas gifts, restocking food cupboards or buying something special for yourself, you will want to have time to think about the purchases you are making. Others who aren’t as patient will try to push you into buying something you cannot afford.


Colleagues who are in too much of a rush to get a job done will try to persuade you to cut corners. This will cause problems in the future and rather than accepting the blame, they will seem to forget all the trouble they are now putting you through. Look after your own interests.


Meeting up with favourite family members and cherished friends has never felt so important to you. You can almost forget financial problems and work tensions when you are with those you love. A joint decision will feel right for you and will be cause for a small celebration.


Joining a partner or friend in a volunteer exercise will lead to a long-term commitment. When you find a cause that is close to your heart you will feel motivated and excited to help make a difference. It will feel good to make a valuable contribution to the world.


An old friend will message you just as you are thinking of them, reminding you of how intuitive you can be. If you trust your instincts when it comes to money, you will soon see a healthy profit. Family find your wonderful sense of humour to be positively infectious


Choose to make more time in your life for your favourite hobbies and activities. You don’t want to lose that spark that makes your work so special and unique. Are you single? The energy between you and someone who has just joined your social circle will be positively electric.


An unexpected windfall is in the offing. An award or bonus will be presented for a recent achievement. It will feel good to know your boss appreciates and recognises your talent and hard work. This will pave the way to you making more money from a creative talent.


A heart to heart conversation will clear the air where there have been misunderstandings. Take any chance you get to improve an important relationship. Are you single? A short trip out of town will bring you into contact with someone who will light up your life this Christmas.


If you’re tired and feel a distinct lack of enthusiasm for a festive event or party, make your excuses and don’t go. Be kind to yourself. You always work hard and this has led to some incredible progress but you also need to take a break and recoup your energy.


Don’t tell everyone everything is okay if this is not so. If you’re feeling down, having problems or out of your depth in some areas, admit it. Someone will offer to take over some of your commitments. Again, accept their kind offer. That’s what friends are there for.


You and a neighbour or colleague seem to be speaking a different language. You are both finding it hard to understand each other. You might use art therapy to explore and express your own feelings. Inviting a sympathetic friend over for dinner will also help relax you.

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