Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for January 11

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Having been through what you have been through you are more qualified to see a situation for what it is than others who are inexperienced. People have been let down. A report will uncover hidden truths that now need to be dealt with. A different system will be put in place.


A workmate is being closely watched. Someone who has been coming in late, leaving early and performing badly has caught the eye of your boss and other senior officials. If you work closely together, be absolutely certain your own efforts cannot be faulted.


Hide your annoyance if it feels like someone is interfering in your business. A partner or close friend’s imaginative ideas will add a touch of creativity to your day. As keen as other people are to hear your opinions it would be worth taking theirs into consideration too.


You and a romantic or business partner can almost read each other’s minds. Everything you do together will go without a hitch. The same cannot be said about outside relationships. In fact, a new friendship isn’t looking good when you’re starting to feel it isn’t as compatible as you thought it would be.


Your focus is on all things that are real and practical that can change and improve things. People don’t want vague promises. They want specific commitments and this is what you will give. You know problems won’t be turned around overnight but you have some good plans for a fresh start.


With so many responsibilities you aren’t as focused as you would like to be. Your work could be suffering as a result. Someone will complain about you having taken on too much. Your defensiveness will only add power to their words. Accept that you need to reduce commitments.


Before you can get on with your own plans, conflicting needs in the family should be taken into account. A child is hiding the reality of what is going on in their life. Whether it is shame, guilt, stigma or embarrassment that is causing them to be so secretive, you need to find a way to encourage them to talk.


A neighbour, workmate or relative is more than a little boastful these days. They do have something to be proud about but you are starting to tire of hearing about it. Even so, take it in your stride and refuse to be drawn into one-upmanship games.


A legal or financial deal will reach the stage where you don’t have to think about it any more. The talks are over. The decision-making is over. Contracts are signed and it will feel like a big relief to be able to get on with other things. Investments you make now should pay off well into the future.


You aren’t sure what you really want at the moment and you don’t know what to do with yourself. You need to find ways to soothe your restless energy. It wouldn’t be a good idea to commit to plans just because you have nothing else on. You need the freedom to follow your instincts and to dabble in a variety of interests.


In some areas you will prefer to rely on your own efforts. Even so, you can’t expect to handle all responsibilities single-handedly. If you turn down an offer of help, someone could take offence and it is unlikely they will make a similar offer again.


You will be happy for a friend or colleague’s incredible streak of good fortune and you will join them in celebration. What you won’t be so pleased about is how they suddenly cancel all future commitments and engagements. They seem to be giving no thought or consideration to the inconvenience this will cause.

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