Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for January 2

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You are being expected to put a massive amount of time into volunteer and fund-raising events. If someone else volunteers to take charge and this gives you a chance to step away, you will happily stand aside. You are ready to take a break from some commitments.


News regarding a loan, grant or mortgage application looks promising. You feel now you can confidently start making plans for the year ahead. Offer to help a friend or workmate who isn’t organised. Some people find it hard to ask for assistance.


Everything seems to be going your way. Family and friends are cooperative. There is still a sociable feel in the air. Emotionally and psychologically you will be feeling positive and hopeful. Accept an impulsive invitation made to you by a nearby neighbour.


Someone at home has news that will take you by surprise. Although you may not like what they tell you, this does not seem to be an appropriate time to criticise. Having to make some necessary last minute change of plans will frustrate and annoy you.


This is not a good time to show a stubborn face to the world. Ideas you wanted to continue with have already attracted a lot of opposition. Even if you felt you made the right decision, let others see you have had a re-think and you are willing to be flexible.


Before supporting any big ideas you will want to see the facts and details. People who know you well will also be prepared for you to unpick those details and point out the little things that have gone unnoticed. These can be addressed before a commitment is made.


Someone wants an answer to an offer or question they recently put you. Since you don’t yet know how you are going to respond you might wish they wouldn’t keep calling you and texting you until you have had more time to think about it.


Trust your instincts if you get the impression a senior colleague or older relative is not telling you everything you need to know. You sense someone is hiding something from you. Make it your intention to find out what it is. If you suspect you are being given bogus information, don’t act on it.


It will feel as if a lot is changing very quickly. An older colleague or relative will start the ball rolling by announcing they have decided against some recent ideas. Another proposition is likely to be a winning one for everyone. Once you have heard their reasons, you will see the potential in new suggestions.


Joining a group or society in your area will be a great way to make new friends and try new interests. As you find yourself in a new social circle, don’t try too hard to make a good impression or this could have the reverse effect. Just be yourself.


Ignore gossip. Someone will have exaggerated a situation out of all proportion. Just before a social get-together this evening a text message will be received that will mean you have to make a quick change in plans. You would do anything for some peace and quiet.


Plans your family or friends are making to visit a place that is rich in culture and history will get your interest. If the cost is what holds you back, you will have plenty of chances to save up for this trip. A partner makes it clear how much they respect and admire you.

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