Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for January 25

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A need to prove how committed and responsible you can be is still no excuse to push yourself beyond endurance. Taking scheduled time-outs will change your outlook, making you feel more in control and ultimately making you more productive. Until you have completed current commitments, refuse to take on any more.


In the short-term it might seem as if life will be so much easier to just give up and acquiesce to everyone else’s whims and demands. In the long-term you would regret this. Have a rethink about what you are able to do and what you want to do as you respond to changing circumstances and situations.


An older relative or colleague will make comments aimed to help you through some difficulties. Although they mean to be helpful it might still be hard to respond positively to their criticism. You may not be able to avoid the fact that sooner rather than later you are going to have to change your ways.


Making too many firm plans could become a problem as things will change and probably they will do so more than once. Do your best not to be too rigid about sticking to a schedule. A better approach would be to be ready to respond to every situation as it develops.


You’ve enjoyed many successes but satisfaction seems more elusive now. This is purely because all other pastures look greener than yours. Instead of following a hunch or acting on a whim, stick to the facts when deciding what to do next.


It might feel like you have temporarily lost your ability to remain logical while trying to analyse all that is happening in your life and around you. You’re doing your best to separate fact from fiction even though you tend to believe whatever you are told.


A friend is placing a lot of importance on a trivial matter. Don’t be drawn into this emotional drama. They will quickly forget it when something else comes along to take their mind off it but you could be left wondering why you wasted so much time and energy appeasing them.


Don’t assume you have done something wrong when problems are revealed. It could well be someone else who made the mistake and in trying to cover it up, they are blaming you. As tense as your day may be, love will work wonders for you this evening.


If you aren’t willing to take responsibility for a task you are being expected to do, someone else will do it for you. How you feel about this depends on the importance of the work and of future opportunities that depend on the quality of this work. Ignore an impulse to blame other people for complicating your life.


Be flexible and keep an open mind, no matter what happens. Arguments can be avoided if you show sensitivity with regard to other people’s feelings. Strange winds are blowing into your life bringing unexpected and unusual situations, some of which you have never coped with before.


You might hear something intriguing to do with what is going on in your neighbourhood or what is about to happen. You will find yourself interested in this piece of news but check that it is from a trusted source. You don’t want to start spreading false rumours.


Check your journal or talk to someone who may also have been involved if you are trying to remember the details of an incident that happened some time ago. There could be another side to the story you hadn’t thought about. It’s perplexing when you can’t recall all the facts.

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