Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 12


You want to achieve. You are trying to please everyone and in this you’re also trying to fool yourself into believing you have limitless energy. It isn’t possible for you to keep your family happy, please your boss and be there for a friend. You need to prioritise.


Someone is having a go at you. It’s so disappointing that a project you’ve been involved in has failed. The outlook had looked so promising but something had gone wrong. Although you will be pouring over the data to discover the problem, people are complaining loudly.


New plans and activities others expect you to get involved in would interfere with arrangements you have already made. You’re tempted to tell others that you will think about it and get back to them as this is what they want to hear. Really you just want people to leave you alone.


Be gentle with yourself. If you aren’t in the mood for anything too heavy, give yourself the day off. You should never feel guilty about making relaxation a priority. Besides, someone who cares for you will be insisting that you start looking after your health.


Your willpower is at its peak. Plans you have been talking about for some time will be put into action. A strange situation will push you into examining your strengths and weaknesses. Future success seems guaranteed as you join forces with a talented friend or colleague.


It won’t be in your best interest to continue with a commitment that makes you unhappy. Rather than prolong the agony, let people know you are pulling out. There are others who will gladly step into your shoes so it isn’t as if you are leaving them with no options.


News received early on will make you cautiously optimistic that plans you have been making are starting to come together as you were hoping they would. If you’re looking to rent or buy some property, expect to hear confirmation of a proposed moving date.


You won’t want to build your hopes up too high but it looks like a wish is about to come true. Joint efforts will bring the best results and all because you are working harmoniously towards a mutual goal. You are in for a few pleasant surprises.


You want to feel as if you are doing something positive with your life. Once you have decided on your goals, the next step could involve taking up some kind of training or educational course or volunteering to teach people with a learning handicap.


Someone refuses to respond to reason. Their behaviour will upset and annoy you. You wish they would consider your perspective but for them there is only one way and it is theirs. You will quickly get the message that they aren’t going to change their mind.


You’re detecting a bit of a change in a community effort. There will be no instant solution that works overnight. There’s a lot of frustration and little optimism and as things stand, you might decide you don’t want to get involved. You suspect there have been some deceitful dealings going on.


Instead of taking someone’s remarks as being helpful, you are more likely to take offence. You don’t want to feel you have wasted your day in a team effort where there is tension and a lack of progress. Get on with personal plans instead.

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