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An argumentative housemate is conspicuous by their absence. Family life feels more harmonious. You will welcome any chance to be alone or to have the house to yourself. The peace and quiet and the chance to get some headspace will make you feel like a different person.


Dreams can come true and achieving a special hope will transform your attitude about the future. Plans will be changed but in a good way. You feel more confident about your ability to achieve. You won’t blow your own trumpet too loudly but you will be arranging a quiet celebration.


You’re in on some secret plans. Someone suspects there’s something going on and they will quiz you. Don’t give anything away. Are you spending too much time analysing problems with a partner? You have been through this before and you know it will be sorted out in time.


Someone you met recently will contact you again to suggest another meeting. You never expected to hear from them and you will be both excited and nervous about the prospect of developing this relationship. Try not to fall behind on routine responsibilities or you will regret it later in the month.


Go with the mood of the moment. You would regret sticking with your usual routines. If there is the possibility to get out and share fun activities with friends, go for it. Accept a spur of the moment offer to travel. Visiting unfamiliar places will present you with new and exciting possibilities.


You’re wondering whether you should act on some ideas as you know that if you don’t do anything, they will be quickly forgotten. If something is important to you, do it. Strange and weird happenings will upset the balance at home. Nothing you do can change this situation but it will be okay in the end.


A friend or colleague can’t seem to make their mind up on anything. You are getting increasingly irritated with their contrary behaviour. Before complaining too loudly consider how you have shown similar indecisive traits in the past. Now you know how other people have felt when you’ve been this way.


You could be taking action right now to reduce household expenditures. If you can get bills down, this can make it feel as if you are keeping on top of finances in the future. Your instincts are reliable and you will be quick to take advantage of an unusual opportunity.


An old friend will be delighted to hear from you. You’ve been thinking about getting in touch with them for some time. You might wonder whether you should have acted on this impulse sooner but there will have been a reason why you didn’t. Sometimes it pays to go with what feels right in the moment.


A project you have been involved in for some time comes to an end. The hard work is over and you won’t be disappointed with the results. You’ve done a great job. Be sure to sit back and admire your work. Savour this satisfying moment.


You’re tired of waiting for a partner or relative to make a decision. You cannot go ahead with plans until you know what they are thinking. You’re almost tempted to issue an ultimatum but that would not be a good idea. Instead, get on with something else.


Problems you encounter will not be difficult to resolve. Avoid making mountains out of molehills in your mind. Keep going when you’re tempted to give up. Remind yourself of all your recent successes and what feels like a failure won’t be that important anymore.

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