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Life is busier than expected when it might be hard to juggle your time between social and family commitments. Even so, you will be enjoying fun times with friends and having some good laughs with the family. Time will fly when you are having fun.


Projects you’ve given a lot of time to are coming to an end. Seeing the back of a particular job you haven’t really enjoyed will be a relief. You’re already thinking about what might take its place but don’t be in too much of a rush to make new starts.


It doesn’t matter what kind of week you have just been through; you are determined to let your hair down. Even if you had planned or agreed to catch up on a few odd jobs around the house, you wouldn’t feel guilty if, yet again, these are put on the shelf.


A money issue will raise its ugly head. You’ve been feeling good about life lately, but this could take the edge off your newfound contentment. If you aren’t particular about how you feel or what to do, allow your intuition to guide you.


Be careful about getting too careless with a workmate or senior colleague who does not share your sense of humour. They could make things difficult for you in the future. Someone close will accuse you of not listening to them. It might hit you that they really are upset about an issue that is trivial to you.


Private projects will continue to progress, but the same can’t be said of activities involving two or more people. A clash of personalities could cause tension in a group project. Your main aim will be to tie up loose ends at home and in your personal life.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You need some time away from someone who you see almost every day. A change of scene will be revitalising and will allow you to return to your duties with renewed vigour. It should be fun to pick up the threads of a relationship that was becoming a little stale.


An offer of promotion will take you by surprise. You had expected this to go to another colleague. Because you are so well-liked, you may rest assured this will not cause any envy. Such developments will also considerably improve the condition of your finances.


Taking a journey with a favourite travelling companion isn’t an opportunity you will walk away from. Even if the offer came unexpectedly or as a result of someone else pulling out at the last minute, it would feel good to get away for a wee while.


You’re worried about the future and wonder if you have made the right decisions. The fact is, you have made your choices, and it is too late now to change your mind. Trust things will work out okay. Instead of wasting your energy worrying, devote time to activities that give you pleasure.


You need to seriously consider an offer to put in some overtime. Although you have plenty on your plate, this opportunity could bring a substantial cash bonus. A practical partner will advise you on the sense of taking up this chance while it is there.


There’s a temptation to make an unwise financial expenditure. You know this is being careless, so why go ahead? Think very carefully before buying anything you don’t really need and have a good look at the price ticket. Find other interests to divert your mind.

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