Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Sunday, June 18


Getting out and about will give you a lot to think about. There are so many events and opportunities you would like to be involved in but are you trying to cram too much into your days? Rushing around here, there and everywhere will eventually take its toll on your health if you aren’t careful.


A source of income will come to an end. You will need to adjust your budget accordingly. Going to a financial advisor will be beneficial. Having an objective third party giving advice will pave the way for realistic solutions. Don’t put off approaching a debt charity if you need some help.


You’re trying to ignore it but there’s a tense atmosphere within the family. This will be due to a recent financial controversy. It won’t take a lot to trigger off a row and you can sense this. If you don’t want to get into an argument, you might make yourself scarce.

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People will find plenty for you to do but is this really what you want? If you could do with a break, your first loyalty should be to yourself. Only you can allow others to take advantage of your kind nature. Say no to anything you aren’t keen on.


A meeting with regard to a new career or financial opportunity will not go as expected or you could be picking up the signals wrongly. Whether it is technical, mechanical or a sporting accident, there will be someone who appears to revel in the drama.


People are asking you a lot of questions. Do you indulge them and let them ask anything they wish or do you skip over some topics? Some subjects you might prefer not to discuss so openly. You might be secretly amused by how cheeky someone can be.


Share your hopes and intentions with people who matter. You have an abundance of ideas and you will be keen to make a start on a new project. When you share your intentions, others will be quick to lend their support. People respect that you are being honest with them.


A partner is dipping into a joint account without your permission. They don’t want to hear when you bring up finances in conversations. When faced with situations like this, you might feel more comfortable having separate bank accounts. You need more control over your own finances.


Results of a new diet or exercise regime may be disappointing. This should not be an excuse to abandon your desire to improve your health. Talk to a professional and they will offer some helpful suggestions that will help you move past a plateau.


Whispers reaching your ears suggest you aren’t the only one who is starting to feel disappointed in a friend who keeps letting you all down. A close friend or partner’s moodiness has a lot to do with someone pulling out of arrangements at the eleventh hour. A creative hobby will lift your spirits.


If you’re uncertain about travel plans under discussion, put off making a holiday booking until you have had more time to think about it. Accepting a romantic invitation will put a close relationship onto a more permanent footing. A voluntary organisation needs someone with your talents. Don’t be reluctant to sing your own praises.


Your efforts have been fundamental to the successful launch of a fund raising project. People look to you for leadership and you seem to be the most popular person around. This will lead you to taking on more obligations. Your unconditional support will gain nothing but respect.

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