Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Tuesday, June 13


You’re thinking of making some changes that you feel will be beneficial. A partner or someone in the family does not want to know. A stubborn friend will push you away when you try to help or advise them even though you’re just trying to make life easier for them.


A client or colleague is argumentative. Their behaviour is driving you to distraction. It will be important to make your position crystal clear when it comes to a legal or financial matter in order to avoid any further misunderstandings. You feel uncomfortable with the whole situation. Don’t let it show.


Doing something different will ease your restless spirit. If you can’t change your surroundings you might decide it is time for a change of image. If you’re preparing for an interview or audition, ask a talented friend about the best kind of image to project to make a good impression.


Conflicting advice comes your way from a number of people and places. As well as this being confusing, you will end the day feeling as if you don’t know your own mind. As helpful as everyone is trying to be, you would do better to do some quiet thinking on your own.


You’re hovering over a message feeling sorely tempted to reply honestly but knowing this will hurt someone’s feelings. Remaining silent will save you from getting into an argument. Refrain from getting involved in a controversial discussion on a social networking site. A prospective employer or recruiter may be doing some research into your background.


You should be pleased with progress that is being made and happy with how helpful others are being. Even so you aren’t the type of person who takes anything for granted and you will find a way to show your appreciation.


A series of disputes seem to be getting nowhere. There seems to be so much to be angry about and you’re tired of feeling annoyed. Contention in the workplace is causing you stress. There is pressure on those in high places to suggest a compromise but so far they have remained silent


If you aren’t happy with business or financial negotiations say so. A better offer will be put on the table. For no reason that is obvious to you a friend will pull out of joint plans you had made together. They may never explain. This relationship is slowly changing.


A job offer that will take you away from familiar places will be like a dream come true. Even so you may have to think about what this could mean to your family and how it might affect domestic routines. If you feel you must go against a loved one’s wishes, break it to them gently.


A friend cannot be relied on to deliver a personal message. It might take you out of your way but it would be better for you to do it yourself. Frustrations will relate to travel. Even when walking to work, the shops or to visit a friend, you’re likely to bump into someone who wants to stand around and chat.


Plans your family are making aren’t in keeping with your own expectations. Someone is deliberately going against your wishes and you aren’t going to be happy. If a housemate or relative refuses to change their arrangements, don’t feel obliged to support them. Leave them to their own devices.


You can choose whether to help someone to get a few things in their life straightened out or you can continue with a project you are working on that is almost complete. You sense a senior colleague expects you to pull out of some arrangements but you intend to fulfil all obligations.

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