Hot electrician poses in crop top and work trousers as dad works in background

A 'hot' electrician wowed as she posed in crop top at job – while her dad worked in the background.

Isabell McGuire, from Manchester, went viral earlier this year for her stunning appearance and career that is mainly dominated by men.

With a layer of glamorous makeup and bouncy long hair, the sparky previously inspired other women to follow her line of work as they were no longer put off for looking 'feminine' on the building site.

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In a recent clip posted to her 282,000 TikTok followers, Isabell continued to turn heads while she put her skills to the test.

The blonde rocked a short sleeve black crop top that exposed her midriff while she teamed these with a pair of cargo work trousers.

She then posed in several positions to show off her alternative electrician work clobber as she lip synced to UK rap song 'Tropical' by SL.

However, some people noticed that a bloke was grafting away when Isabell was instead working the camera.

One person commented: "Bro in the background just trying to get on with the job."

Another user added: "Look how clean them work trousers are defo so much work done."

While a third slammed: "Working hard or hardly working babe."

Wanting to set things right, Isabell made several other clips to show that her colleague – also her dad – was 'supportive' of her videos.

"IT'S MY DAD GUYS", Isabell revealed after some users bashed her for not working while the orange vested bloke was.

Isabell danced at the worksite as her dad continued to do his job, he paused for a moment and smiled at the camera.

This user wrote: "Suddenly being a builder seems so cute."

A second said: "Deffo gotta be a sparky now."

Someone else gushed: "She's so pretty."

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