A 'hot' McDonald's manager went viral after she dressed as a 'sexy' Miss Monopoly to celebrate the long-awaited return of its prize stickers.

Molly Nobes, 21, received more than 64,700 likes on the app after she shared a clip of herself switching from her shift manager uniform to a Miss Monopoly outfit.

The get-up, which paid homage to the popular board game and Maccies contest, included cash stuffed into the bust of her white corset top.

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Her outfit was completed with a short black skirt, matching top hat and blazer, a red bowtie, and a walking stick that was topped with a golden dollar sign.

In the caption, she wrote: "Surprise from Mrs Monopoly."

The Southhampton-based TikTok sensation surprised her fans after teasing she'd be dropping a surprise on the app when McDonald's Monopoly returns.

In her previous video, which gained 177,000 likes, she wrote: "It's that time of year. Mozzie dippers are back.

"Big Tasty's are back. Monopoly's back. And I have a cool surprise for you guys on Friday."

Molly's fans went wild over her outfit in the comments with some users suggesting she should become the new face of Maccies Monopoly.

One user wrote: "This is how McDonald’s should advertise their events."

Another added: "Molly Monopoly."

A third said: "Singlehandedly the best McDonald's Monopoly ad ever."

"Oh my god I’m even more in love than I already was," a fourth wrote.

Some described her as 'hot' and 'sexy', while others demanded to know whether she was single or not in the comments.

Molly, who has been a manager at the franchise for a year, initially went viral for being the 'hot' manager after she posted a video with her co-worker — leaving men all over the app in love with her.

However, she explained that the clip was only intended as a laugh with her pal and she was surprised by the reaction she received.

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Speaking to the Daily Star, @mcmoodymoo said: "I've been a shift manager for about a year.

"Honestly, I saw the trend and asked one of my good friends/co-workers if she wants to do a TikTok with me.

"I didn’t expect so many views but it’s great seeing all the support for McDonald’s!

"I’ve seen some of the responses from men and some of them are actually quite funny!

"But I didn’t do the video for attention from men, more for a laugh with my friend!"

In a follow-up video, she added that she "couldn't believe how many new Mcbubddies" she has, which left many people joking that they'd all been "McFriendzoned".

The TikToker, who posts on the app as @mcmoodymoo, has since been inundated with stitched videos and comments from people who have made jokes about how they would like to see the manager just to look at her some more.


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