Brainteaser challenges film and TV fans to guess the popular character from their dinner menu – but can YOU get them all in less than a minute?

  • Clever brainteaser asks readers to guess six dinner party hosts from film and TV
  • Hammonds Kitchens created specially selected menus and clues to guess from
  • It takes the average person 62 seconds to do it, but can you do any better? 

Most of us have daydreamed about our dream dinner party guests involving our favourite celebrities, but have you ever thought about what would be on the menu if it ever came true? 

A clever brainteaser asks readers to guess six dinner party hosts from popular films and TV shows with specially selected menus, created by Hammonds Kitchens.  

Six clues are given for any readers who are struggling with the challenge to guess all six fictional character hosts in the shortest time possible.  

It takes the average person 62 seconds to correctly guess the person behind each menu, from sitcom to cartoon characgters, but can you do any better? 

Answers can be found at the bottom.  


CLUE : The original plan for this dinner party looked a bit different, but the host decided to PIVOT towards a more appropriate menu


CLUE: With a magical menu like this, sparks are sure to fly at this dinner party. Help will always be given (at a dinner party) to those who ask for it, and this heroic chef will surely have a bit of help from his two best friends


CLUE: This massive menu is a bit of a slog! You could even say it is something of a quest to get through. The large menu is even more surprising when you consider that the host himself is indeed quite small. Pay-Tay-To, anyone?

MENU 4  

CLUE: You could say that this character is a simple man, with simple tastes… although he isn’t actually a man at all. Few who hail from South America develop a fondness for marmalade, but don’t underestimate him, you do not want to end up on the wrong end of one of his famous stares…


CLUE: This menu is so surreal, it’s almost as though you are living inside a cartoon. A word of caution though, I wouldn’t recommend the starter; it’s actually made from Chinese newspapers… Still, this host isn’t known for his cooking skills.


CLUE: You’ll need an oxygen tank for this dinner party, as you’re going under the sea.

And the answers are… 

1. Rachel Green (Friends) 

2. Harry Potter (Harry Potter series) 

3. Frodo Baggins (Lord Of The Rings) 

4. Paddington Bear (Paddington 2)

5. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

6. Spongebob (Spongebob Squarepants)  

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