How Maisy saves:

How Maisy spends:

  • £250 into my LISA
  • £250 into my savings
  • £250 into the joint account with my partner for food shops, occasional takeaways, and birthday presents for friends and family
  • £14.99 for Spotify for me and my partner
  • £2.21 to The Labour Party
  • £7.99 for Amazon Prime
  • £650 for rent
  • £5 for my university, which somehow got me to give a monthly donation. The student I spoke to on the phone was really nice and managed to talk me into setting up a direct debit
  • £3 to Barclays Blue Rewards, a little savings pot
  • £18 to The National Union of Journalists
  • £58 on phone bill

How Maisy could save:

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