Hypnotic Trailer: Ben Affleck Stars in Mind-Bending Action Thriller From Robert Rodriguez

After a peek at director Robert Rodriguez’s action thriller “Hypnotic” at this year’s SXSW, audiences won’t have to wait much longer to catch the full version in theaters this spring.

IGN has unveiled the first official trailer for the upcoming psychological thriller, which follows police detective Daniel Rourke (Ben Affleck) as he searches for his missing daughter Minnie (Hala Finley). He soon learns she is associated with a series of ongoing robberies conducted by a mysterious man (William Fichtner) with hypnotic powers.

The trailer gives audiences a look at how Affleck’s frantic search for his missing daughter. The desperate dad slowly begins to spiral out of control once his investigation pushes him to confront his deepest, darkest fears. With assistance from psychic Diana Cruz (Alice Braga), Daniel sets off to pursue the mysterious man during his train of robberies, and get Minnie home safe. As he finds out in the trailer, people with hypnotic powers can force their victims to see and feel things that aren’t real.

Affleck, Finley, Fichtner and Braga are joined by Jeff Fahey, Kelly Frye, JD Pardo, Bonnie Discepolo, Dayo Okeniyi, Derek Russo and Corina Calderon.

Following its SXSW premiere, “Hypnotic” received favorable reviews, with Variety‘s Peter Debruge writing that the “typical popcorn-munching multiplex patron would never suspect how deep this Russian-doll mystery goes. Better to strap in and go along for the ride in the latest example of creativity-within-constraints.”

Watch the “Hypnotic” trailer below. The film is set to debut in theaters on May 12.


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