DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN my husband passed away ­suddenly, my world fell apart.

He was 49 and died from a heart attack.

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If I hadn’t written to you for help, I’m not sure that I would still be here now.

To the outside world, I was the brave widow, smiling and doing OK. But inside, I was dying.

I spent half the day crying, binged on junk food and talked to him as if he was still there.

I wore his clothes, wrapping myself in his jumpers to remember his scent, even putting on his socks and pants.

It felt so unfair to lose him without warning, to be a widow at just 47.

You were kind to me and sent me your ­support pack on bereavement. It was a real comfort.

Amazingly, you stayed in touch to see how I was getting on – it made me feel less alone.

I have joined a waiting list for ­counselling and started to take small steps to getting better – such as eating healthily,

Bit by bit, I am healing. Thank you Deidre.

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