A tattoo fan quickly regretted moving to another tattooist – when she ended up with a disastrous inking.

TikToker Lauren cided to visit a new tattoo artist for some small, seemingly simple, body art she wanted to have done on her hip, arm and behind her ear.

She had found the new artist on social media and decided to give her a shot at some fine-line tattoos.

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However, it didn't go according to plan and the result left her in tears, vowing to "never cheat" on her regular tattoo artist again.

In the video, which has gained more than 137,000 likes, Lauren explained: "I had booked for three tattoos. I wanted 'rivers and roads' on my arm, three stars behind my ear, and then 'everything with love' on my hip.

"They were all just like basic designs, super easy – I thought. Let me tell you, these tattoos were so bad, I bawled my eyes out the entire drive home.

"I didn't see them until they were done. I didn't like to realise they were bad until they were done."

She went on to show the designs she wanted and what she got – describing the session with the artist as "rushed" because they had someone else waiting.

The TikTok user added: "She was rushing like crazy at this point because she had only booked me for an hour and someone had been waiting an hour for our appointment to be done."

The woman spent weeks scrubbing the ink away so it didn't have a chance to heal into the skin and went back to her usual tattoo artist to get them corrected.

She said: "I luckily have an amazing tattoo artist that has already done a bunch of my tattoos. I immediately on my way home, went to my regular tattoo artists and showed them all of them, crying.

"They all were like, 'Oh my God.' "I spent the next three to four weeks scrubbing the sh*t out of these tattoos.

"I was using salt and oil to scrub them and soaking them with hydrogen peroxide to make them as light as possible so that my tattoo artist could go and fix them."

Thankfully, her tattoo artist was able to "save her" and she vowed to "never cheat on her tattoo artist again".


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