I forget Im covered in tattoos – until everyone starts staring at me

A tattooed fanatic whose body is covered in ink says he's often only reminded of how he looks by how others stare.

Ben, who hails from San Diego in the US, was once a student at one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the US.

But when he left at 18 years old he decided to get his first tattoo, which started him on his path to getting dozens of inkings all over his body.

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He now has multiple layers and has completely blacked out his ears, neck and left arm.

Despite his unusual appearance, Ben says he doesn't think of himself as someone "with a lot of tattoos".

Speaking to the Inked YouTube channel, he said: "I know that's ridiculous but I guess [I realise] walking around with my girlfriend or friends or people I've never really been out in public before.

"They tell me after 'you know every single person walking down the street, sitting on the train is just giving you looks and staring you'.

"That just reminds me that I do look like a crazy person, even though I swear I'm not.

"I guess it's more the reactions of my friends and other people that remind me I'm a tattoo person."

Ben, who is known as Baphomet Puke on Instagram, says his tattooed ears are both his favourite design and most painful.

During the procedure, he had to keep telling himself not to throw up or pass out from pain.

And for several days after, he would wake up in the morning "still bleeding".

Ben's family and friends have been totally supportive of his drastic transformation of the years.

But he admits there is one procedure that would be a step too far for them.

"My parents would kill me and my girlfriend would break up with me if I got my eyeball tattooed," he said.

Ben now lives in San Francisco and says he's never had any issues with employment due to his appearance, having worked in restaurants and bars for several years.

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