A young woman claims she's constantly told to change her clothes by prison guards when she visits her criminal boyfriend.

Nancy, who posts online under the username @nancyallday, is known for posting about her devoted relationship with a man who is currently behind bars.

But while she often shares the cute anecdotes about their dating journey, there's one downside to needing to visit him in prison that has started to get on her nerves.

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In the video, which has gained more than 500 likes, she claimed that jail staff constantly make her change clothes, sometimes because her jeans are too tight.

Nancy continued to detail how she was "tired of the prison's dumb dress code" because she was always being stopped for her clothing when all she wanted to do was "get cute for her man".

She was seen throwing her outfit onto her bed for her latest visit – a green long-sleeved turtleneck, black jeans, and tan sandals with a rain jacket for the "bipolar weather."

In another clip, she filmed herself sitting in her car outside the facility with a full face of makeup as the rain poured outside her vehicle before showing a throwback photo of the pair together.

The TikTok user claimed staff made her change her green shirt because it resembled camo and her jeans because they were too tight.

But despite the clothing dispute, the Latina woman was pleased to share that she had an amazing time with her boyfriend.

One viewer said: "I literally gave up on cute outfits they always make me change I just started sticking to a cute sweat outfit."

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"I just wear all black to be safe. I just wanna look cute for my hubby," another wrote.

A third commented: "Wear all black or white and black next time!"

A fourth added: "I detest the rules and how much the CO enjoy enforcing them. 'Time's up' also puts me in a huff. I love visits. Sending some prison wife love."


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