Getting a tattoo is a pretty permanent decision – and one which can end in tears.

After getting inked at 18, a woman started to regret the choice of her body art and finally came to the conclusion that she needs to cover it up.

However, it actually made it worse.

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In a Facebook post, the regretful tattooed woman shared she got a 'horrible' black cat ink and five years later opted to get a feminine rose design over it.

Anyone with a tattoo would know the artist can make the world of difference when it comes down to what the finish product looks like.

And, let's just say the woman was left less than impressed.

She chose to have two purple roses to cover-up the black cat silhouette.

"I can't win!" the woman said.

"I asked him for dark purple, even black, traditional-style roses in any way he thought could cover it for the most part."

The issue is the ink 'expert' decided to interpret her request a little differently what she asked for.

As he took the tattoo needle to her chest, the woman was none the wiser about the choice of 'technique' he was going for.

"He started out doing an okay rose in the wrong colour, but for some reason decided to go for a watercolour look without telling me," the woman blasted.

"It's been 6 years since the 'cover-up'. Thanks, I still hate it."

She continued: "He really thought he was going to do something. I'm wondering if that's why he decided to just say f*** it and change to watercolour and do his own thing.

"He told me 'you'll never even know the cat was there' what he did almost makes it more noticeable."

Unfortunately, the cover-up didn't hide the cat at all as the light coloured flowers faded into the black ink.

Instead of complaining, the woman didn't have the guts to say anything so paid both artists.

"I paid both artists (the cat artist and the 'cover-up' artist) I cried at home because I didn't want to make them feel bad," she admitted.

Shocked at the outcome, many people fled to the comments to voice their verdicts.

One person commented: "We can totally see the part where the cat still is.

"It's not a cover-up at all. I'm sorry for you."

Another wrote: "I just can’t get over this is a cover-up."

While a third said: "You need some serious laser."


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