I got buccal fat removal to sculpt my jawline after losing five stone – now my face feels more in proportion

  • Regan Ellis today told This Morning that she got the procedure in Birmingham 
  • She revealed suffering with ‘blood blisters’ and ulcers before the removal  
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A woman has revealed how she got the popular ‘buccal fat removal’ surgery after she lost five stone. 

Regan Ellis said the cosmetic surgery – which is all the rage in Hollywood at the moment, with celebs like Chrissy Teigen admitting she got some cheek fat removed from her face – is something that helped her face feel more balanced.

‘I’d lost quite a lot of weight in a short period of time,’ she told This Morning. ‘I lost around four and a half, five stone – and it managed to drop everywhere apart from my face.

‘I feel like it kind of made me feel a little bit out of proportion.’

Regan revealed that the ‘excess weight’ on her cheeks was leading to blisters and ulcers – and soon enough, she came across buccal fat removal on social media. 

Regan Ellis (pictured) said the cosmetic procedure is something that helped her face feel more balanced

She had tried other procedures – including Botox and facial fat dissolving – to help deal with the issue but revealed they didn’t achieve the desired results. 

‘I’m quite fortunate that my other job is that I do aesthetics,’ Regan explained. ‘They’d worked but not to the extent that I was hoping for…’ 

What is buccal fat removal surgery?  

Buccal fat removal surgery is a fast growing trend among celebrities and social media personalities alike, and experts say its a relatively quick procedure that can help better define a person’s jawline.

The procedure cuts out fat pads from the inside of a person’s cheek, giving them a more angular face as a result. These pads soften the inside of a person’s mouth, but experts say they are not entirely necessary.

Model Chrissy Teigen admitted to receiving the procedure in 2021, and it just one of many personalities believed to have underwent the operation.

The buccal fat removal hashtag on TikTok has over 150million views, as videos discussing the procedure and speculating what celebrities have received it regularly go viral.

It is a purely cosmetic, permanent, procedure.

It takes around a half-hour for the surgeon to complete each side of the mouth, with the entire operation taking around an hour.

The surgeon will then close the incisions with dissolvable stitches.

Risks are low and complications are rare. In some rare cases, a patient will suffer infection at the site of incision or injury to some nerves in the face.

If the procedure is botched, a person could end up with an asymmetrical face. This could require another cosmetic procedure to fix.

Recovery is often quick.


When asked by Holly Willoughby if she thinks she’d regret the procedure in the future, as faces naturally start to thin and hollow out, Regan said she doesn’t think so, having carefully researched the procedure before committing to it.

‘I’m very confident in my choice that I made and I think that further down the line if, that does happen – then I think, I was a big girl, I made a big choice – so you have to stick by that.’

Meanwhile facial plastic surgeon Dr Deniz Kanliada, also on the programme, warned that not just anyone can get the procedure.

He explained that you have to be an ‘ideal candidate’ for the removal, as the pad which needs removing is notoriously difficult to find. 

‘Otherwise you can give so many complications,’ he warned. ‘You can give the hollowness.’ 

The pro also explained that often people come in, but don’t actually have the fullness you need to remove it, but rather loose skin. 

Moreover, the procedure works in an area with plenty of facial nerve muscles, meaning that complications could lead to ‘ruining the face’ and having ‘complete asymmetry forever’.

The surgeon said there is an increasing amount of clients seeking the procedure thanks to its popularity on A-listers and online. 

‘Because of the social media we need to refuse so many young age group patients,’ Dr Kanliada said.

He explained that many come in and say they want ‘Bella Hadid’s face’ – but warned that ‘the key, again, is the patient selection’.

Regan, who got her procedure done in Birmingham, said it was around £2,700 in her area, but Dr Kanliada said the cost is just over £3,000 on Harley Street. 

She added that it was over relatively quickly on her end, lasting around 20 minutes in total. 

Regan had some prominent swelling for the first few days, and said she got the final results around four weeks in. 

She also couldn’t open her jaw fully until more than month after the removal – which she says is an uncommon complication which can happen. 

Dr Kanliada also stressed that buccal fat removal is a ‘purely cosmetic procedure’ as it’s not ‘medically necessary’.

Regan (pictured before and after) had some prominent swelling for the first few days, and said she got the final results around four weeks in

It increases ‘definition’ and ‘contouring’ on the cheeks to give a ‘slimming action to the face’.

Buccal fat removal has become the most talked-about cosmetic procedure in recent months – thanks to the soaring popularity of the angular, sharp-cheeked look made famous by the likes of Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Lea Michele.

Described by surgeons as a kind of ‘permanent contour’ that helps to enhance your cheekbones and sculpt your face, the plastic surgery procedure has become the hottest cosmetic surgery of late… despite the fact that very few A-listers have actually confessed to having undergone it.

In September 2021, former model Chrissy Teigen helped to launch buccal fat onto the world stage when she candidly revealed that she’d undergone a procedure to remove fat from her face, while waxing lyrical about the results of the surgery.

Meanwhile facial plastic surgeon Dr Deniz Kanliada, also on the programme, warned that not just anyone can get the procedure

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