DEAR DEIDRE: I AM terrified my partner might leave me because of a one-night stand I had when we first met. It goes round and round in my head until I could cry.

I am a woman of 30 and stuck in a loop of anxiety, going over things from years ago and knowing I cannot change them now.

For years I have suffered with panic attacks. Now I get anxious thoughts, too.

I fret I have left the iron on or left the front door open. I am having trouble sleeping and that is just making me feel awful throughout the day.

What can help me fix this?

DEIDRE SAYS: Escalating anxiety can turn into a vicious circle.

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A combination of self-help and talking therapy is usually effective.

You can find a detailed self-help plan in Overcoming Anxiety Without Fighting It by Dr Tim Cantopher.

And you can find support through Anxiety UK (, 03444 775 774).

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