A TIKTOKER claims she makes £5,000 a month on her laptop at home – and says you don't need any experience to get started.

Lily May started her business at 22 working as a virtual assistant, helping clients manage their social media channels.

She claims you can be based anywhere in the world, and don't need any qualifications.

Now she offers to teach other people how they can do it too.

One of her TikTok videos says: “How I started making £5k/month as a virtual assistant (with no experience).”

She says the first step is choosing the type of businesses you want to work with, and lists examples of “photographers, beauty brands, designers, fitness coaches.”


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Next, she says you should choose what services to offer. 

These can include managing Instagram and Pinterest accounts, or admin tasks such as organising clients' emails and diary.

Then you need to market your business and book clients – Lily recommends using Upwork or Instagram to get noticed.

She says: “Charge £20/hr initially. Work up to £50/hr.”

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Her video has racked up nearly 10,000 likes.

One viewer said: “This was so helpful.”

Another said: "You are my ultimate inspiration but I’m too scared and don’t even know where to start."

Lily – who now runs online coaching sessions charging £180 a head – says she was also clueless when she started.

She said: "I didn’t do any courses! I threw myself into learning everything myself. It took months of research and trial & error! :)"

And she advised another viewer: "There are so many job roles that pay £5k+.

"Look beyond the typical corporate 9-5. I’m just sharing what I would have wanted to know."

However many people were sceptical that she could earn as much as she claimed.

One said: "As a VA ive found you need qualifications, insurance, registering with government agencies and then lots and lots of networking. It's not that easy."

Others pointed out there are virtual assistant companies in India offering similar services for much less.

TikTok is full of people claiming to have the secret to making a fortune.

A teenage business owner claims he made £6,000 in his first month after buying an old pressure washer to clean patios.

Earlier this month we told how a retired church minister makes an extra £800 a month with an amazing side hustle selling beauty products.

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