I never used to let boyfriend touch my nude curves – but now I embrace bod

An influencer has taken to Instagram this week to admit she didn't used to be as body positive as she is now.

Bella Davis, from Sydney, Australia, is known for her body acceptance posts on the site these days, where she boasts 264,000 followers.

However, in her latest post, she told fans that she used to struggle with intimacy because of her curves.

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The brunette struggled to let her partner touch her stomach after her body changed, which made intimate moments hard.

However, she has now learned to embrace her figure.

To show this, Bella stripped naked as she posed confidently for a set of snaps.

The influencer showed off her curves and tattoos as she posed tastefully while covering her blushes with good arm and leg placement.

The beauty had pinned her hair back to keep all eyes on her curves and wore natural, glowing makeup.

Captioning the post, Bella wrote: "As we lay there naked on top of the blanket I roll to my side and he lovingly moves his hand from my thigh to my stomach.

"As soon as he’s hand reaches my stomach my mind begins to flood with insecurities all centred around the way my stomach hangs, squishes and rolls.

"Instead of simply enjoying this moment of intimacy, negative thoughts about my body pull me out of the head of the moment.

"'Does he notice my stomach is softer?', 'Can he tell I’ve gained weight?', 'Does he still find me sexy?'

"These thoughts consumed my mind so much so that I pushed his hand away from my stomach and pulled on my shirt to hide my nude body. No longer allowing myself to be held."

She added: "Seeing my body change impacted my ability to enjoy intimacy as I knew the body I live in now isn’t the same body my partner first held.

"But although In this moment I stopped myself from enjoying intimacy I knew deep down that it wasn’t my body that needed to change it was my mindset because this body is deserving of enjoying intimacy in all forms.

"I just had to believe it. I just had to push through my insecurities and let myself be held."

Bella gave some advice to fans if they felt the same, as she told them: "Your body changes don’t make you unattractive. It makes you human and as humans, our bodies are supposed to change throughout all stages of our lives.

"Intimate moments are about how it feels not about how our body looks ascetically. So try to relax and enjoy the feeling of your body being touched and held.

"Regardless of your weight or size. Everybody deserves to be held and touched and you don’t have to have a particular body to enjoy intimacy. You just have to look like you.

"Get to know your body. Take a moment to examine every line and scar that calls your body home. Instead of facing away from the mirror, I urge you to greet it.

"Explore your body and marvel at the beauty within every crease and roll and from there you’ll see that your nakedness isn’t something to fear.

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"Don’t let your weight gain or body changes stop you from enjoying intimate moments like I did. Because you deserve affection. You deserve to be held."

Fans were loving the post, as one told her: "My favourite words of wisdom."

Another added: "This is everything."

While a third chimed in: "This hit home. Thank you for the reminder to be kinder."

The post comes after Bella previously opened up to Daily Star back in April about how she's constantly trolled for stripping off by 'insecure' haters.

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