AN UNLUCKY punter claimed they lost £105million after picking the winning EuroMillions numbers – before realising they had played the wrong draw.

The Reddit user said they started dreaming of finally buying a house and owning a Tesla after they were convinced they had won the big bucks.

But they were left fuming after realising they had picked the winning lottery numbers to scoop a whopping £105million – but played the wrong day.

Taking to Reddit, the could-have-been millionaire explained that they always buy their ticket in the National Lottery app.

One Tuesday night at 7.19pm, they said they bought four lines, with three lines as their own numbers, and one line as a lucky dip.

The lucky dip turned out to be a winning match – but the unfortunate Reddit user had accidentally bought a ticket for the Friday draw, which was three days later.

The user wrote: "I don’t know why but I always check my ticket the same evening before I go to bed normally between midnight – 1am when the app is updated with the winning details.

"I picked correctly the winning numbers, my fiancé is asleep next to me and my daughter is asleep in the other room.

"My insides are doubling over going absolutely crazy and there’s me doing everything in my power not to scream, shout and go crazy as I start to process the thought of my life changing that very second."

The anonymous poster said they started dreaming of finally getting married to their partner of 11 years and buying a house to "get out of renting something that just kills you financially".

But the dream was shattered just moments later when the realisation sunk in.

They had actually bought a ticket for the Friday draw on November 22, 2019 – and won just £5.50 in the game.

The unlucky person wrote: "When going through the motions of how to start the process of claiming the winnings I realised I had accidentally bought my ticket for Friday's draw something that I have never done before.

"I have never made that mistake EVER.

"Now I feel absolutely gut wrenchingly sick and I think I’m going to cry myself to sleep now and apart from you guys here, no one will ever know."

Many Reddit users sympathised, with one writing: "That's rough dude. It's still pretty lucky that you matched the numbers, 1 in 139,838,160…."

Another said: "Oh my god. I feel very bad for you."

A third wrote: "Ooft mate I'm crying for you, that's brutal."

But others didn't believe the story – until the lottery player posted their ticket as proof, showing their numbers did appear to match the draw.

The winning numbers on November 22, 2019 were 8, 10, 15, 30, 42, 4 and 6, according to the EuroMillions website.

It turned out there was one lucky UK winner who scooped the £105million prize at the time – but sadly it was not the ill-fated Reddit pundit.

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