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A model has opened up about her internet stardom as she boasts a huge following of nine million fans on Instagram.

Abigail Ratchford is known for her stunning looks – and praises her "sex symbol" image for her popularity.

The bombshell, from Pennsylvania, US, is no stranger to flashing the flesh on social media and her fans love it.

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Even though her toughest challenge has been walking that fine line of sexy and mainstream, Abigail has done alright for herself.

Now in an exclusive chat with Daily Star, the beauty has let slip on some of her secrets to her online stardom.

She said: "I've built my image off being a sex symbol, but I've tried to tone it down over and it has definitely been a challenge!

"I had different people telling me to go one way or another, or to keep the super sexy stuff or I would lose my appeal.

"It took a while for me to ignore the white noise and do what I thought was in my best interest for the longevity of my career."

Although Abigail often shares her content on Instagram, she has claimed the algorithm can mean fans miss out on her stuff.

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She admitted: "Any time I post a super-sexy photo, of course my engagement goes up, and I get more followers.

"But at this point I'm more concerned with the quality of my content and nurturing my audience and organically growing mine."

When giving advice to others on boosting their social media presence, Abigail said to "find your niche".

She also assured followers it's best to be creative, relatable and link up with fellow influencers to collaborate.

The humble model continued: "I don't consider myself famous yet.

"As far as successful, I have worked really hard and built my career up for almost 10 years through social media.

"I am incredibly blessed to have such a loyal fan base who support my endeavours.

"My fans tend to support anything that I come out with really."

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