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PRINGLES tubes are popping across the country as summer hits with the snack perfect for the party season.

Living up to its slogan that "once you pop, you can't stop", the price might hold you back from stocking up.

With rising food prices many of us are making the switch from brand names to supermarket versions.

But can an own-brand copycat stand up to the crunch of the beloved Pringles brand?

We gave them a go to find out, picking up the few copies of the famous stackable crisps that are out there.

Mum-of-three Lynsey Hope, 41, from West Malling, Kent, gave copycats from Aldi and Lidl – here's what she found.


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Pringles Original Sharing Crisps (200g)

  • £2.25
  • £1.12 per 100g
  • Salt per 100g: 1.1g
  • Fat per 100g: 31g
  • Calories: 534

It is genuinely hard to stop once you open a tube of these.

They are very more-ish, delivering a satisfying salty hit with every bite.

The only downside is the price. At £2.25 for a tube, they are not a cheap item on the weekly shop though.

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But many of us are still buying them, which is a testament to how good they taste.

  • TASTE: 10/10
  • VALUE: 7/10

Lidl Snaktastic Original Sharing Crisps (175g)

  • £1.55
  • 88.5p per 100g
  • Salt per 100g: 1.4g
  • Fat per 100g: 34g
  • Calories: 548

Lidl's offering looked more similar to the curved Pringle and had a more golden colour, but I found them to be overly salty.

They are cheaper than Aldi but higher in salt, calories and fat than the other two options.

Lather them in dips though and they were delicious enough.

Buy this tube every week instead of Pringles and you'd be saving yourself 70p a week.

That's over £36 in a year, so well worth a swap still, even if they are not quite as tasty.

  • TASTE: 6/10
  • VALUE: 8/10

Aldi Snackrite Ready Salted Stackers (165g)

  • £1.49
  • 90p per 100g
  • Salt per 100g: 1.2g
  • Fat per 100g: 24g
  • Calories per 100g: 489

Aldi's 'snackers' are 22p cheaper than the famous brand per 100g.

First thing you will notice is that the Stackers are slightly smaller, flatter and not as curved as the Pringle crisps.

They are also a bit lighter in colour. Taste wise though there's no difference.

As you take a bite you get an identical salty hit and a nice break.

I tried them on my kids without them knowing and they couldn't tell the difference.

Though they are higher in salt, the Aldi crisps are actually a bit better for the waistline than the big brand with less fat and fewer calories.

That's identical taste for less money and better for you. Win win.

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Although not as cheap as Lidl when comparing price per weight, you can still save money to the tune of nearly £40 a year by switching from the brand name Pringles.

  • TASTE: 10/10
  • VALUE: 10/10
  • OVERALL SCORE: 10/10

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