‘I want to have world’s biggest mouth – I can fit everything inside my 13cm gob’

There's a world record for pretty much anything nowadays.

From the fastest to the tallest in the world, the Guinness World Records is known for its unusual feats.

Now influencer XEHLI G decided to enter the record books as the person with the world's biggest mouth.

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She became famous on social media for her ability to open her mouth in an extraordinary way.

In a viral video which circulated on TikTok and Instagram, XEHLI G opened her mouth so wide it fit a tennis ball inside.

Since then, she's bagged thousands of fans on social media and now she's decided to take the skill to a new level.

On Instagram, she posted more than 10 videos showing the size of her mouth which accumulated over 5million views.

There she shows several things she fits inside her mouth, such as trainers, toilet paper rolls, cups and her own fist.

She said: "When I started posting this type of content, it was more like a joke.

"But then people in the comments told me to sign up for Guinness, and I started to like the idea."

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the current holder for the biggest mouth is Francisco Domingo Joaquim.

He holds the title for his big gob which measures a whopping 17cm when opened.

Meanwhile, the woman who holds the record has an opening of 10cm.

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XEHLI G claims her mouth can surpass that record with an opening of more than 13cm.

And the influencer can prove it as she took pictures of her open mouth next to a measuring tape.

Now her candidacy for the record is still ongoing but she's already preparing to present all the necessary evidence.

She added: "I want to have the world's biggest mouth, having my name in the record books is going to be amazing.

"I want to show the world that everything fits in my mouth."

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