I wanted Betty Boop tattoo but it f**ked up so bad people call it Betty Droop

A tattoo lover regretted getting an inking of her favourite cartoon character after it faded not long after.

Mija was very happy when she first got a Betty Boop tattoo around the size of a coin on her elbow.

It features Betty Boop's iconic short and curly hair and tears from her eyes, as well as a sparkle on her cheek.

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"Me thinking this tattoo was a great idea," she said.

The video then cuts to show what happens two years after getting the inking.

It appears that the fine details of Betty Boop has faded and the tattoo turns dull in grey blue and green colour.

"I'm so sad," she said, adding: "Moral of the story is don't get tiny tattoos with a lot of details."

She later explained that it's not her first time to get a tattoo from the artist, however it turned not as great as she thought.

"It's pretty blurry and black and the first tattoo [a butterfly one] I got by him, it's so detailed," Mija showed to viewers.

"All other tattoos have a healthy amount of blur that most tattoos have and I think they look great.

"I think the reason the Betty Boop one is so f***ed up is because I got a really tiny tattoo that is really dark and shaded.

"And I asked to put it on a squishy part and it just moves so much."

Despite some people commenting that it might be inflicted by bad aftercare, Mija said she did put on sunscreen and exfoliate the area.

"I think it was just a sh*tty spot and a sh*tty choice on my part. So don't blame my tattoo artist, it's not his fault."


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