‘I was beat up at school – now my face is on front covers of magazines at 17’

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A teenager who was beat up at school has told how he ended up modelling on the cover of magazines all due to a complete leap of faith.

Isaac Brown, 17, from Bridgend, has been working as a model with EmkaiModels since January.

In less than eight months his face has ended up on the front cover of Centerstage Magazine, and he's also landed an acting gig in an up-and-coming show.

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The last few months have been a dream for the youngster, model and budding actor, and his life has completely changed.

But things haven't always been so plain sailing as, during his younger years, he faced bullying at school and also went through some hard times when he was studying for exams.

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, Isaac told of how he overcame his struggles to throw everything into a new career that he loves.

Isaac said: "So when I was in primary school everything was perfect – I found work quite easy.

"When I went to comprehensive school, I had lots of struggles being picked on.

"I moved school after the Christmas, and I was fine then.

"I just struggled and had a few problems.

"People just weren't very nice to be honest.

"I always got picked on. I used to get beat up by year 11s."

Isaac also said there was a period when he found school quite tough following a surgery.

He had to catch up a lot and said he felt like sometimes work would be "forced on him".

The young model described it as a "stressful" time when he was under a lot of pressure.

After he left school he turned into a bit of a Jack of all trades – he spent some time working at a bar, a factory and he even worked as a labourer for a while.

It was only due to a split decision that he entered the world of modelling earlier this year, and it's completely transformed his life.

"Since I was really young everyone in my family – or even just people when I have gone out – have come up to me and said 'you could go into modelling'," he explained.

"I realised I was unique quite a long time ago – I realised about three years ago that there weren't many people like me.

"My hair – when I take a hat off everyone is massively shocked. I have my freckles.

"I have many black features. I also have quite a striking face."

So, after a lot of compliments over the years, during the early hours of one morning he decided he'd give it a go.

He pinged a message off to EmkaiModels and the rest – as they say – is history.

Isaac said: "One day, at 3am, I contacted them, and they messaged me back instantly.

"I was just like 'do you know what? I'm going to do it.'

"I'm just going to take the chance.

"They said they really wanted me, and the next day it went from there."

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Ever since he took the chance, Isaac said he's been surrounded with endless support – from the modelling agency to his family to his friends, and he said it's amazing how everything has changed so quickly for him.

He loves having the ability to travel to new places, and meet new people along the way.

After trying his hand at many jobs beforehand, heading off to work at a glamorous set was totally different to simply pulling pints.

"I'm having fun, I'm meeting new people," he continued.

"Meeting new people is fantastic, and I've met so many lovely people.

"All my friends back me and are helping me. They're all really supportive. It's amazing."

And, even though Isaac's life pretty much totally transformed on the off chance, he said he thinks there's room for all types of models in the industry.

He said anyone who feels they want to try, or have always wondered if it's for them, should give it a go.

For Isaac, it's his point of difference that makes him stand out, and he's all about people embracing their individual qualities and putting a spot light on people who feel unique.

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring models, he said: "My advice is just to give it a go.

"I have seen some that are so ridiculously specific.

"I saw one and it needed a man in a wheelchair who could juggle.

"If that's you – then great – but anyone should give it a go.

"There could be someone who sees something in you that you don't see.

"I'll know I have made it when I'm on a photoshoot with the best super model in the world which – at the moment – is probably Bella Hadid.

"If I am on a photoshoot with her, I know I have made it. That's what the goal is."


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