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A woman was gobsmacked when she unveiled a dark secret about her family over Christmas holiday.

Catherine McDonald, who mistakenly thought she was fully Irish, said her dad gave an ancestry test to the whole family as Christmas presents.

Telling the story on TikTok, the red-haired beauty said the test result revealed that she is actually 75% Norwegian and the rest is German and British.

She says: "I identified myself as Irish because my last name's McDonald and my hair is bright f***ing red.

"But guess what? I'm not Irish at all."

Delving into her ancestry uncovered a darker secret too – she didn't recognise her dad's name.

Cat called her dad and logged into the DNA test account to find if there was any matches.

She recalled: "I had an exact paternal match – it just wasn't him."

The shocking tell-alls has attracted more than 4.3 million views with people asking for a follow-up story.

Cat didn't disappoint and said she'd tracked down her paternal dad – who turned out to be a billionaire.

She told her family about the discovery and they were equally as flabbergasted.

She said: "They were f***king shook, but even my dad recognised the name.

"Apparently he was an old family friend. As someone whose genealogy literally exudes privilege, I do want to say that I am very grateful for the life that my parents have provided me.

"However, I smell bulls***. So, I Googled this dude's name and he is a billionaire.

"He is the CEO of a major company and his three daughters work for him, and naturally, like the unstable millennial that I am, I drive halfway across the country to his corporate office.

"I tried to give him a letter but when he heard my name he refused to meet with me.

"Basically, all it really said was 'thank you' because I'm really happy to be alive."

Viewers suspected that the father knew something was up when he gave out the DNA testing kit to his family.

One wrote: "He had that planned. He wanted answers."

Another added: "Oh Daddy knew what he was up to."

Some tried to find out Cat's "billionaire father", with a viewer saying: "Typing into Google 'billionaire in US with three daughters'."

Others wondered what her mum's response to the result.

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