A woman who wears full make-up to work out at the gym has hit back at trolls by showing her strength to deadlift an impressive 450lbs.

US-based TikToker Rosa Esparza enjoys spending time at her local gym and she likes to dress up in sexy workout clothes when she trains.

In one video, she wears a green velour plunge bra and long matching pants, leaving viewers teasing that she "has the gym at 6pm, and the club at 7pm."

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But Rosa ignored the haters and stood by her reason that it was to "show men what they can't have" and that she picked the clothes and make-up for herself.

The self-proclaimed "gym rat" recently posted a "get ready with me" video and shared a snippet of her go-to hairstyle whenever she hits the gym.

"I do my hair and make-up to the gym because I have no issue with my skin," Rosa said while fixing her curls.

"I've never had a problem with getting pimples or clogging my pores. I've no issue and it makes me feel pretty."

She removed the hair rollers and re-styled it with a curler, then showed her outfit to her viewers – a Gymshark sports bra and ribbed plush pants with drawstrings tied at the front and the back.

"I get ready because it's the only place I go. My make-up does not melt off okay! Look good, feel good," she added.

Rosa also shared her hardcore workout on TikTok to prove that she's got beauty and a whole lot of brawn.

The "lady in pink" caught a group of men looking stunned when she recorded herself hip-thrusting 450lbs.

Fans were shocked as they watched her picking the plates up easily.

One noted: "She made it look soo light, like it was not heavy at all."

"That was actually impressive! You did that and looked amazing doing it!" another commented.

And a third complimented on her make-up, saying: "There is no reason why we can't do things to make us feel pretty. I also wear make-up to the gym, it doesn't even sweat off!"

"Girl, lucky you because I can't, my face and hair will be sweating like crazy. I can only put sunscreen and mascara," a fourth added.


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