Identical twin sisters have babies one month apart who are now best friends

Identical twin sisters Emma Price and Sarah Silver have always been inseparable – but now their toddlers are best friends, too.

The 28-year-old sisters are so close, they even made the move from South Africa to Newcastle to be in the same city.

However, the duo were shocked to discover they were pregnant at the same time.

Executive assistant Emma said: ‘We found out we were pregnant just one day apart. I was trying to conceive for six months and she wasn’t planning on being pregnant at all.

‘She felt ill and took one of my tests and she was positive. The next day, I took one and I was also pregnant.

‘We found out we were two gestational weeks apart.

‘I always say my body didn’t conceive because it was waiting to match hers.

‘I was so grateful I got to share this experience with my sister. Neither of us had any children before so it was special to do it together.’

The sisters even gave birth within 28 days of each other – in the same delivery room at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington.

Emma continues: ‘When she went into labour I stayed with her, which was slightly traumatic as I was about to burst.

‘She gave birth in room ten and I gave birth in the same room exactly four weeks later. They wheeled me in and I thought “now this is getting weird.”

‘I confused some of the midwives because they thought we were the same person at first.’

E-commerce producer Sarah welcomed Noa Ray Silver on January 14 2020  – while Emma gave birth to Finlay Thomas Silver Price just weeks later on February 11.

Now their toddlers are best friends too – and even look alike.

‘They look so similar and are best friends. They’re attached at the hip,’ adds Emma.

‘People always ask us if they’re twins and we have to explain that they aren’t but we are.’

Noa and Finlay will be in the same school year when they get older too – and the sisters hope their bond continues to grow.

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