I’m 53 and a certified 'muscle mommy' – people say I’m ‘insanely amazing’ when I flex | The Sun

A MOM in her 50s with a rippling body that would be the envy of women half her age has been described as a certified "muscle mommy."

When she flexed her incredibly impressive muscles, fans were moved to describe her as, "insanely amazing."

Gabrielle Osborne (@gabrielle_osborne) uses her TikTok to promote and advocate a fit and healthy life for people over the age of 50.

At 53, she is the living embodiment of her message.

But her muscle-defined shape was borne from her own health issues some years ago.

She has survived cancer and a fractured spine and no longer takes good health for granted.

In her post, she wore a short, sculpted, sky-blue dress, matched with blue framed eyeglasses.

She captioned her video: “Muscle mommy 53-years-of age."

As she flexed her amazing muscles for the camera, a voiceover said: “This is a certified muscle mommy moment.”

Gabrielle claimed on her platform that she wanted to: "break down stereotypes about aging."

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She certainly lived up to her word with her display.

Her post has gone viral, seen over 481,000 times, plus thousands were waiting in the wings to comment.

They were unanimously in awe of this plucky woman.

“Insanely amazing," said this fan. "I love this era of strong women.”

“I aspire to be like this in the future," was a comment typical of hundreds.

But the final comment summed her up simply as “a legend.”

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