‘I’m a big bloke with a potty gob – trolls don’t like what I do for work’

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    A "slightly different" cake shop owner is defying trolls with his viral bakes – and potty mouth.

    Terry Pegler, 35, isn't who you'd expect to be obsessed sprinkles and chocolate ganache.

    But the 'big bellied' baker, with a lisp and a potty mouth, opened his own cake shop last year.

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    After starting the business in his kitchen in 2017 with wife Nikita, 36, he launched Bake Away.

    Despite not being the usual Mary Berry type, dad-of-three Terry has managed to win over millions of people with his very authentic approach to making cakes.

    That includes dancing to Westlife mid-bake, duelling trolls and endearingly calling his 63,000 TikTok followers "f***ers."

    Since going viral on social media at the beginning of the year, the Norwich-based shop sells out of its sweet treats on the daily.

    And what's more, some customers have even travelled all the way from Edinburgh just for a bite.

    "After scrolling through so many baking videos I soon realised there were very much the same and nothing a little bit different," Terry exclusively told Daily Star.

    "So I decided to record myself at work and it took off from there.

    "If you look online, it is a very female dominated industry.

    "So I am not your stereotypical cake shop owner, I am a big man with a lisp who has not had the best opportunities given in life but worked through them all.

    "I am not afraid to take the p*** out of myself and thrive from any criticism from trolls or negative Noras."

    Terry isn't afraid to tell the trolls what he thinks.

    He even addresses the cruel remarks in videos, which goes down a treat with his fanbase.

    "It looks like he eats half of what he makes with that huge belly," one troll jibed.

    Terry then proceeded to pour a bag of Mini Eggs in his mouth and gorge on sweets, before he expertly replied: "On a serious note, I know I'm overweight.

    "I know I've got a big belly but I don't give a f***."

    The unconventional cake shop owner, who used to work in a breakfast cafe, is determined to continue the success of Bake Away for him and his family.

    "It [swearing] creates a different feel to my videos and the shock factor it brings is brilliant," the bloke admitted.

    "The more people tell me not to swear, the more I do it.

    "I am real, different and [swear] obviously for comedic effect.

    "I am the thickest skinned human and have gone through so much trauma in my life that these irrelevant words that people say just make me laugh.

    "Not one of them would ever say it to my face and that’s the joys of social media, you’ve got to be able to take it, so the bullets fly off me!

    "When you are now in a position that you didn’t ever think you would be, you embrace it and grab it with two hands.

    "My wife and children are my world and I do it all for them.

    "I won’t stop – nothing will ever keep me down because I’m one determined f***er!"

    Terry quickly grasped the idea on how to make traybakes and cakes as a beginner.

    He had no prior experience in baking and learnt the ropes from YouTube and cookbooks.

    After being admitted into intensive care two years ago, the dad is even more determined to pour his life and soul into Bake Away.

    He even works throughout the night to make sure the counter is ready to go for his customers the next day.

    The baker often gets through the early hours with the help of a bit of 'dad dancing' and belting out a few tunes, of course, all of which is caught on TikTok.

    Terry works around school runs and until dawn six days a week, while "hype woman", pot cleaner and counter server Nikita works three days a week at the store.

    Thanks to their hard graft and Terry's sweary commentary, the couple's dream of expanding Bake Away is not difficult to imagine.

    "After nearly losing my life back in October 2021 it taught me to live my life to the full and have no regrets," Terry candidly shared.

    "I was given a second chance so I am going to bloody well take it.

    "[We] never expected the videos to be so popular but, again, I’m a little different to the ‘norm’ so I think people resonate and they tell me all the time I am an inspiration to them.

    "Crazy is a good word to describe the hype now.

    "As since the TikTok mania started, we have had queues outside up to 30 minutes before we open, every day!

    "We regularly have customers coming from Yorkshire, Manchester, London and have even had some come from Edinburgh just for our cakes.

    "Our followers want to visit from Australia one day too!

    "Our dream is to stay humble, positive and true to ourselves whilst showing the world that no matter your background or setbacks you have in life, if you put your all into what you love then it shows.

    "You can achieve whatever you want to."

    Bake Away Norwich is open between 5pm-8pm on Thursday and Friday and 11am-3pm every Saturday.

    And you can watch Terry's unusual approach to baking on TikTok here.


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