A female truck driver has slammed trolls who think all she does is drive in her job – but she insists she does more than that.

Kori Kola, who posts online under the username @kori.kola, filmed herself closing the heavy container doors on the back of her truck.

The curvy woman, who was donning leggings and a blue top wrote: "When people think all I have to do is drive… container doors are hard as hell."

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In the clip, which has gained more than 560,000 likes, a man who was out of shot shouted: "I admire that. You don't see many females driving a truck."

To which, Kori replied: "I know, especially containers. This is like one of the hardest ones."

She then turned around and flexed her muscles towards the camera with a cheeky grin.

Captioning the video on TikTok, she added: "I wish trucking was just having to worry about driving."

Viewers were cheering on for her profession, as one user wrote: "Good muscle!!! Good work!!"

Another added: "Shipping containers are the bane of my existence, especially when they have what I call the puzzle box, where the latches go opposite ways."

A third commented: "You go girl."

A fourth said: "That's very true though. I know they can be very hard. I was a driver before."

However, other viewers were distracted by her figure in her leggings as they took to the comments implying she has a 'dump truck bum.'

A user joked: "Well, you definitely carrying double loads."

"She drives two trucks at once, I’m impressed," a second quipped.

A third said: "I'm no better than a man. I saw a truck but not the one in the background baby. Bbrrrrr."

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