‘I’m a model and get DMs from angry wives – it’s not my fault men give me money’

A plus size model gets angry messages from wives – but loves getting money from married men.

Kayla Keen, 26, from Scotland, frequently gets her kit off for cash.

The cam girl and OnlyFans model put her curves to good use after quitting her job as a fraud investigator a couple of years ago.

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Men often fill her messages with kinky requests and keep coming back for more.

The model frequently gets money by dominating kinky fans – and one fan loved it so much that he paid for her rent.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, the blonde bombshell explained how she can pay her bills with just 20 minutes work.

“I had someone come on and be like ‘I just want to serve you, there’s something about you that just makes me want to serve you’," Kayla explained.

“That’s probably because I’m a bit of b*tch so that’s probably why. I give off ‘Mean Girls’ vibes.

“He was then like, 'awesome, I just want to send you all my money'.

“I then said, 'great, do it – pay my rent!'

“And in the space of about 20 minutes with me just being horrible to him he sent me nearly £1,000.

“He then disappeared off of the face of the earth.”

But, that wasn’t the end of it.

Although Kayla got her rent paid for and the bloke got his kinky craving satisfied, not everyone was happy with the situation.

The content creator checked her Instagram DMs to discover a message from a rather riled up woman.

This woman happened to be the wife of the bloke with the degradation kink.

And she was not happy.

“I got an Instagram message from someone saying ‘hi, no disrespect here but I think my husband is following you and he’s got an addiction to sending money to women – please block him’," Kayla shared.

“Well, he’s already done it himself or maybe she did it for him.

“But things like that, I get the fetish and domination things quite a lot.”

Previously, Kayla shared how she used to have a low self-esteem.

The beauty never felt confident in her body and used to hide away her curves.

She even struggled with her mental health and would take medication to treat her depression and anxiety.

But, that all changed when she took the plunge into sex work.

Kayla realised that her curvier body was beautiful – and men were not complaining about her size either.

"I was getting subscribers, followers and nice messages and people telling me I look like a goddess," the stunner said.

"And when you get that positive enforcement quite a lot, you start to feel more confident.

"At first, it's false confidence and then it really is fake it til you make it.

"I pushed myself to look confident and then it just started to come a bit more naturally."

You can follow Kayla on Instagram here and TikTok here.

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