A TIK TOKKER has revealed how supermarket shoppers can shave hundreds off their grocery bills each year with one simple trick.

Consumers can make the savings by swapping from premium and branded products to supermarket's value or own-brand items.

It's known as "down-shifting" and money saving expert Martin Lewis has previously said it could save shoppers plenty of cash on their weekly shop.

Tik Tok user Khrishnan Kara, who has over 85,000 followers on the social media platform, explained on one of his recent videos how downshifting can save shoppers hundreds a year.

He said: "How to save up to £520 a year on your groceries with this one simple trick.

"Use the supermarket downshift mentality.

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"This is a method based on the premise that supermarkets stock four price levels of staple products, with the most significant difference between them being the price.

"The four levels are: premium brand, manufacturers brand, supermarket brand and value products.

"Downshifting a level can save you up to a third on your weekly food spend."

Khrishnan goes on to compare four different levels of coffee on sale at Tesco and says by switching from the most to least expensive you could save shoppers £2.44 each time.

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How much can I save by downshifting?

Supermarkets will often try and tempt you onto their more luxury ranges, but by going for less premium brands you could potentially save hundreds a year.

Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert website has previously tasked supermarket shoppers with the "Downshift Challenge" of switching from more expensive to cheaper brands to save money – it estimated it could save families around 30% a year.

We checked out a few products at Tesco online to see how much you could save by switching up the products you buy.

A 450 gram bag of Doves Farm Organic Oat Flour was £4, or 8.89p per 100 grams.

But a 1 kilogram bag of Grower's Harvest oats was 70p or 0.07p per 100 grams.

That works out as an over £8 saving per kilo just by opting for the Grower's Harvest oats.

If you were to make the switch on the oats and bought a kilo every two weeks you'd save £208 a year.

Meanwhile, a 500 gram bag of own-brand Tesco fusilli pasta was 95p whereas the branded De Cecco 500 gram bag of De Cecco was £2.

That means you're saving £1.05 just by opting for Tesco's own brand.

If you bought one bag of 500 gram pasta every week for a year, that would save you £54.60 per year.

So by making these two switches on just the oats and pasta, you could save yourself over £250 a year on your groceries.

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