‘I’m a mum in my 60s and I refuse to cover up’

Charlotte Tilbury makes woman feel ’20 years younger’ with makeover

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Gym Tan is a 60-year-old mum from California who wants to change perceptions of the way women are expected to dress as they age. Taking to her TikTok page @californiaistoocasual, Gym shows off her modern and chic style, often donning the same outfit as her daughter who is 23.

In one video, she shows herself wearing a black polo-neck sweater, with her hair held back by a plain hairband and a pair of glasses. She overlayed the video with text saying: “What people expect me to wear in my 60s.”

She waggles her finger at the camera, signifying her dictate with the look. The video then cuts to another scene of her wearing a slinky, bedazzled strappy dress with bare legs on display.

She has her hair pulled back into a slick updo and has accessorised with gold dangling earrings, a gold chain and some bangles. She added: “Sorry to disappoint.”

@californiaistoocasual credit to @Holly Pan: Your Fashion BFF and @tingmystyle for the inspiration! you can wear and dress however you want at whatever age ������ #momsoftiktok #styleinspiration #agepositive #ageinggracefully ♬ original sound ������ – Yarin

In another video, Gym is seen alongside her daughter wearing the same outfit. She said: “Style has no age, You guys love it when me and my 23-year-old daughter are rocking the same outfits.”

Both women are wearing glittery, skintight bodysuits from the Kim Kardashian-owned brand SKIMS, with a pair of smart black trousers from Agency.

Gym added: “[We are] rocking a bright red lop and our little Freja bags and we are ready to go.”

The mum has been described as an “inspiration” by followers, who have even said she has inspired them to wear what they want at any age.

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Commenting on her video, SKIMS social media page said they were “obsessed” with her look. Another commenter named Diauraa said: “You’re an inspiration! It’s so discouraging when society tries hard to ‘age’ clothing.”

In response, Gym said: “Totally! Last I checked except for kids wear, adult clothing comes in S M L XL not 20, 30, 40 or…”

Gym describes her videos as “age positive” and a display of someone who is “ageing gracefully”, and fans certainly seem to agree.

Dress designer Mona Hamid said: “You look so amazing.” Another commenter said: “Please keep disappointing.”

Other video viewers applauded her choice to wear similar clothes to her daughter. “I’m 32 with no kids and know I’m going to be an older mom one day,” said one woman. “This makes me so happy.”

Sally added: “Love this! I had a daughter when I was 38. She is now nine. I hope to have this kind of relationship with her. Loveeeeee.” [SIC]

According to Gym, showing personality with style is just one way to teach her daughter how to follow her own passions. Gym Tan responded to the commenter saying: “Treat her as her own little person and encourage her to follow her passions.”

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