Im an adult film star – after 30 years I wont work with men anymore

The veteran adult film star, who’s been in the industry since 1992, talked about the reason she is now exclusively shooting scenes with other women. During her recent appearance on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, Julia Ann explained it was not her relationship with her husband that influenced her decision, but rather her relationship with her own body.

Julia Ann has become one of the industry’s most beloved performers since she kicked off her career as part of a famous stripping duo, alongside Janine Lindemulder.

Shortly after marrying her husband, the pornstar decided it was time to stop shooting sex scenes with other men, but not for the reasons one may expect.

Speaking on the podcast, Julia explained the decision has nothing to do with her husband, who is not the jealous type and “knew” who she was when he married her.

Instead, it was the changes she experienced in her physique during menopause that pushed her to make the decision to perform exclusively alongside other women.

The body changes caused her to feel insecure about her body, explained Julia, which is something she cannot easily conceal when performing scenes with men.

“The reason why I stopped doing boy girl was because, as a woman who was getting older, and one who hates the gym, I was finding that I couldn’t control where my fat was going in a scene with guys,” she explained.

“This is my vain reality,” she went on, “When I have a girl I can position myself, I can work it a certain way.

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“But when a guy’s behind you, it’s just [doink doink doink] and stuff is just happening and I can feel it happening.”

“I got to that point where I was like ‘I am so incredibly insecure at this point in my life that I cannot do this anymore.”

Holly empathised with Julia, having more than 20 years in the industry herself.

“And especially with seasoned guys, they will move you around into whatever position you want, to open you up on camera – that’s great when you’re thin and little and petite and look good from every angle,” she noted.

To which Julia replied: “Year and after menopause, your body moves separately from itself.”

During the episode, the stars also discussed the complexities of dating people who are not in the porn industry.

The interviewer explained that her listeners tend to be fascinated by the idea that adult performers are able to conduct relationships outside the industry.

“They like to cut people off like that, so instead of saying like the guy literally doesn’t care, they’re like, of that guy is some sort of sad cuck,” replied Julia.

“And like if that’s what it takes for you to feel better about the fact that you couldn’t handle that, then okay, call that person names but it could also be the fact that that person doesn’t care.”

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