An ex-stripper has left fans stunned after she told women they should "always say no" to their partners wanting to go to a strip club – despite her former career.

Chloe Quiroz, who posts online under the username @sleeepychlo, is a former exotic dancer from Austin, Texas, US.

But despite her former career, she posted a video online claiming women should always say "no" to their boyfriends and husbands wanting to go to a strip club.

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The original video was posted by social media user Elizabeth Gyna, who was listing off 'controversial things' from her long-term relationship, gaining more than 129,000 likes.

In the clip, she said: "If my partner ever asked me if he could go to a strip club, I'd never say no.

"For me, I see it as these girls are working, they're doing their job. They do not want your man.

"They're literally there to pay their bills – so if my partner wants to go to a strip club, by all means, go for it."

In reply, Chloe replied: "As a former….. you know what I mean? You should say no… just gonna give it to you like."

TikTok users were left flabbergasted by clip, which has gained more than 2million likes, as they couldn't understand why she would say that about her former job.

One user asked: "Wait why? Idk I’m genuinely curious, can someone explain?"

To which, Chloe replied: "The way these men act after a few drinks and seeing a naked goddess walking around is… for the streets."

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Another added: "My rule is, ;if you don’t want me working there then you aren’t going there!'"

A third said: "I remember when I tried to be a cool girlfriend. I don’t recommend it."

A bloke also took to the comments and said: "In my humble opinion that no one asked for, if a man really loves and values you, he won't want to go or be influenced to go. Point blank."


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