I'm an osteopath – here's a simple way to get rid of that 'unsightly' neck hump | The Sun

NO one wants a hunchback.

But many of are now at risk of developing the painful condition, also called 'tech neck', because we spend the majority of our time slumped over devices.

This leads the neck to lose its natural curve and look humped.

Previously, the condition was typically seen in dentists who hunched over patients, but now it's materialising in younger generations who grew up with smartphones, tablets and other tech devices.

A top osteopath, Brendon Talbot from Canada, has shown how to get rid of a neck hump and improve your posture with one simple movement.

He demonstrated the easy exercise which stretches out the muscles in the back of the neck in video shared on TikTok.

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Begin by tucking your chin in as far as you can and gently press it back and down then use your other hand to rotate the head down.

You should feel the stretch on the back of your neck, he explained.

He noted doing one exercise won't change your posture but doing the movement everyday can help improve it over time.

It can also help relieve headaches, migraines, neck pain and upper back pain, he said.

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Social media users flocked to the comments section to thank Brendon for his advice.

"Thank you – I've sent your videos to my hunchy husband," one woman replied.

Another said: "I needed this."

This isn't the first time Brandon has offered some practical health advice.

Previously, the expert warned crossing yourlegs when sat down can be bad for your veins.

"All of the blood from the lower limbs drains into the femoral vein which travels below the inguinal ligament (groin area)," he said.

Doctors have previously suggested that crossing your legs raises your blood pressure slightly.

While varicose veins are another reason why people are told not to cross their legs – as the action is said to disrupt the blood moving to the heart.

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