‘I’m jobless with 800 tattoos so asked strangers to help – the replies wowed me’

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    'Britain's most tattooed mum' is currently unemployed – and believes her extreme appearance could be to blame.

    Melissa 'Missy' Sloan, 46, hasn't been able to land a job in around 20 years.

    She worked as a cleaner decades ago but has found people don't take her 800 inkings seriously.

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    The mum, from Wales, said: "I have applied for jobs and they look at me and say 'what is this', like I’m not a human being,"

    "I would love a job and prove them all wrong because all the time they keep saying to me 'we don’t want to give you a job, no one will give you a job'."

    So to see just how judgemental the British public was, we took to the streets to see if anyone would employ Melissa.

    Melissa, who would love to be a lawyer if she had the chance, stumbled across a recruitment consultant when we were out and about.

    She asked them: "If you could give me a job based on my appearance, would you?"

    And none of us were expecting such a supportive response.

    "Yes," the recruitment consultant firmly said.

    "I don't think anyone should be discriminated against regardless of any appearance that they have.

    "I think that we should all be allowed to express ourselves however we want and that should extend always into the work place as well."

    Melissa then asked a construction worker if she would have a chance with a hard hat and hi-vis jacket.

    "Yeah, it wouldn't bother me one bit," he said in regards to hypothetically working with Melissa.

    "We have people who work with us with faces tattooed on.

    "We work in an industry where we're underground – so it would be great.

    "If people are happy, let them do it.

    "As long as you're not hurting anyone else."

    A chap even praised Melissa's extensive body art collection.

    As his wife is heavily inked too, he sees no reason why Melissa can't land a job.

    "I think it looks wicked," the geezer said.

    "My missus has a lot of tattoos and they look good on her.

    "You look good."

    Meanwhile, a man who works in high end venues said he'd give Melissa a chance.

    He said that the walking canvas of a mum is "normal" due to where he lives.

    "I would, because I worked in Camden" the bloke said.

    "So that's where like Amy Winehouse, Madonna and other people who used to go there quite a lot.

    "So seeing her like this is normal for me living in Camden."

    Another lad didn't mince his words – saying he'd happily give Melissa a job if he could do so.

    And all on the basis of "art."

    "Yeah, why not," he beamed.

    "It's art, isn't it.

    "It's art."

    We also spoke to a woman who revealed her daughter is a heavily-inked teacher.

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    "Yeah, I have no objection to people with tattoos," the lady voiced.

    "My daughter has got loads of them and she's a teacher so obviously you've got every right to have tattoos."

    Although, not everyone thinks that Melissa has a chance at getting a job on the basis of her appearance.

    One woman believes the "punk" style would most likely not be employable in the more traditional line of work.

    And a wary bloke admitted it would depend on the industry Melissa was hoping to get into.

    "An honest answer would probably depend on what the job was," he expressed.

    Despite most of the general British public being in favour of employing Melissa based on her looks, at time of writing, the tattoo 'addict' mum still has not been able to find a job.

    If you could give Melissa a job based on her looks would you?

    Let us know your opinion in the comment section below…

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