FormerTOWIEstarFrankie Essexgave birth to her twins, whom she shares with boyfriend Luke Love, in June, and has since revealed to the world thatthey’ve named their little bundles of joy Logan and Luella .

In her exclusive column for OK!, Frankie’s discussed a range of topics in regards to motherhood – from herfirst social outing with the twins and a blackout at her home when they were just a few days old, to returning to the gym andmoving in with cousin Chloe Simswhile their family home is being renovated.

This week, Frankie chats about a stark warning a local mum gave via social media that’s made the new mum-of-two nervous to go out with Luella and Logan on her own, as well as some of their plans for their renovation.

Stark warning

I got a message [on Tuesday] from one of my neighbours and, I’m not sure if it was one of her friends, and she’d put up a story on Instagram sharing another mum’s scary experience and asked if I’d share it to my story as well. I said of course I would – I mean, bloody hell. It’s really close to home.

Someone was in a shop and their little girl wasn’t strapped in the pram and a man approached them, but she pulled the pram closer to her and buckled her in. She thinks the man noticed she wasn’t strapped in and he came close to the pram again to see she’d be strapped in. She shouted ‘what are you doing’ and he just walked off.

She told security and apparently a man of the same description had been reported by three other people already.

Toddlers can be strapped in, but babies – like the twins can’t currently be strapped into their pram because they’re still in their baskets. So, what do you do [if the same situation happens to you]? Anyone could grab them. It really, really freaked me out.

I walked the babies to the park the other day and I don’t think I’ll be doing that on my own again.

I’d never thought about someone snatching the twins until now. It literally happened down the road.

Reaching out to other twin mums

I reached out to former TOWIE star Georgina Cleverley – she has twin girls. I spoke to her before the babies were here about prams and stuff. I was just asking for advice on what brands of pram to get.

Then a friend of mine has a twin boy and girl, and I actually went to her house before the babies were here to see what she had. We were going to the baby show so I wanted to know what to pick up!

It really helped me by going round to her house. Looking on the internet to see what you need, you can end up getting loads of things you don’t need, so going round to her house really helped because I could see what she had. For instance, she said we needed a twin pillow. I’d never even heard of it before and now we use it all the time.

When I’m holding one of the babies, I’ll put the other down onto the pillow and it feels like they’re getting coddled still so they don’t really realise that you’ve put them down. Even the midwife told me to bring it to the hospital with me.

Overnight feeding routine

Once I put one of the babies to sleep and the other woke up, I wasn’t sure if to wake the other one up to feed – but everyone told me not to, so I didn’t. I wish I didn’t listen though because, for example, Luella woke up at 2am so I figured Logan was still asleep. I could have just dream fed him but I didn’t, and then he woke up about 4am so then I was up again. Then I was up again at 6am. I literally hadn’t slept all night! I thought, ‘why did I listen to everyone on Instagram? Why didn’t I just do my own thing?’

We’re trying to train them to drop that 2am feed. It’s so hard. Or, even if they drop the 6am and then wake up at 10, you know? I just can’t wait for one of those feeds to drop so we can get a bit of a longer sleep.

Pooey nappies!

When Luke changes the nappies, I don’t know why but I just get really, really giggly to the point of where I’m crying! He just hates it. He’s like ‘ugh this is disgusting’. Even today I got poo on my hand, I was like ‘what the f**k?’.

I mean, it’s just like milky poo at the minute, but I was changing Logan earlier and I thought he’d finished… but he hadn’t. It kept coming out! It was like a play-doh machine.

Ongoing house renovations…

When I announced I was pregnant, people asked if I was going to put the build on hold but I was like, definitely not because they’re only babies. We definitely couldn’t do it with toddlers.

We’re going to have a big kitchen diner. We’ve done our kitchen and we just need to do our granite now. I’m going to have a big mirror put behind the hob so, instead of having a splashback, I’m going to have the mirror there to open it all up. It’s really, really nice.

Upstairs wise we’ve so far done three bedrooms, but one of our walls needs to be knocked through to our en-suite that we had built. It looks really cool but we’ve just got no roof at the minute! The windows are kind of there, but there’s no glass.

A guy named Tommy is our builder and he’s done some work for Mrs Hinch. He’s lovely and he’s really good. We’re very, very lucky to have such trustworthy people working on the house now as we’ve previously had three different plasterers!

We’re hoping it will all be done for Christmas time/the New Year.


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